This App Helps me Drown Out Office Noise


Back when I used to work as a freelancer full-time, I could work whenever I want. It didn’t matter whether it was early in the morning or late in the evening, I could work without any distractions. All I needed to do was close the door to my room and everyone in the house would get the message: I don’t want to be disturbed.

It worked quite well for me. I did a lot for a little amount of time. My only problem was the bed beside me that kept enticing me to lie on it. Afternoons were the most tempting times to do it after having just eaten lunch and my brain drained for the first quarter of the day.

Now that I work in an office with coworkers, things are a bit different. First, I have to interact with other people that are not my family. Mornings are a time to say Hi to each other. It’s just a sign of courtesy that I never got around to doing when I was working at home. The only person I’d greet good morning to were my parents and that was usually followed by eating breakfast with them.

In an office, things are a bit different. Workers arrive one by one, sometimes together all at the same time. That’s when chaos happens. The first thirty minutes are nothing but loud chatter. Coworkers recalling things that happened last weekend, giving compliments on each other’s outfits or just talking about last night’s heart-wrenching telenovela scene.

I’m not sure about you but I prefer my mornings to be peaceful. No talking, no laughing, no ranting. Just peace and quiet. I get my water and prepare my coffee first. Then I turn on the computer, head to my #1 favorite gossip site (read: Dlisted) and read random stuff while drinking coffee. I do all of this during my first hour of work and I try to keep conversations to a minimum. It’s sort of a ritual that I do before I tackle the tasks for the day.

But then sometimes, this ritual can get disrupted when you have colleagues talking in the background. I don’t exactly own the office so I don’t have the right to scream at my colleagues’ faces and tell them to shut up (not that I would ever do that if I owned my own office, promise), so I have come up with a way to block out all the noise that’s keeping me from enjoying my 1 hour morning ritual. I put on my headphones and open the Relax Melody Oriental app on my iPod.


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I choose this over listening to songs because I seem to be having a hard time concentrating at work when I’m listening to Big Sean rap about how big he is or Taylor Swift squealing about her exes. With the app, you get to enjoy natural relaxing sounds without being distracted by the lyrics that you hear from songs.

The app lets you enjoy 33 free relaxing sounds with names like Whale Cry, Cherry Blossom, Wood Chimes and Tropical Rain. I personally like Whale Cry. It ‘s very mystical and I feel like I’m in some kind of afterlife hearing the voices of lost souls. Anyway, with the app, you can combine as many background sounds as you want and if you want to take a break from it, just press the pause button.

70% of the time, the office is quiet because everyone is busy doing their work but there’s that 30% where people take breaks and make small-talk with each other. That’s the time I put back my headphones on and have a world of my own in my little cubicle as I listen to the sound of a tropical rain or a harp.

So there you have it. If you’re like me and you want to focus on your work without the distracting noise of your colleague’s chatter, I recommend that you use this app.


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